Project "Cascade Use"

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Contribution of Cascade Use to summer school "How efficient is electro mobility?"

Cascade use in cars - reality or future music

A vehicle can only be described as sustainable and environmentally friendly in production and operation, if the whole life cycle of the first construction planning through ownership cycle has been optimized to complete recycling on a sustainable and efficient use of materials and energy out. The approach of cascade use can make a major contribution.

The PDF-File can be downloaded here (german only).


Author: Alexandra Pehlken and Matthias Kalverkamp (2015)

Source: Thomé-Kozmiensky, KJ; Goldmann, D. (eds.): Recycling and Natural Resources, Volume 8. Neuruppin: TK Verlag Karl Thomé-Kozmiensky 2015, pp 173-181

Poster Kick-off meeting Bonn January 2015

You can download the poster here.