Project "Cascade Use"

Sylvia Vespermann

Research Assistant


E-Mail:    sylvia.vespermann(at)


Life cycle assessment, scrap tyre recycling

Professional Development

In 2014 Sylvia Vespermann successfully attained her Bachelor's degree in the Environmental Technology study programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. During the previous study period she went a year abroad to expand her knowledge in the Ecotechnology & Sustainable Development master programme at the Mid Sweden University in Östersund, where she also acquired intercultural as well as linguistic skills.

Currently Sylvia Vespermann attends the Environmental Modelling M.Sc. programme at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg. Simultaneously she started working as a research assistant for Cascade Use in the special field of life cycle assessment and scrap tyre recycling (August 2014 until March 2016).