Project "Cascade Use"

Kirsten Kleis

Research assistant


E-Mail: kirsten.kleis(at)

Professional Development

Since 2012, Kirsten Kleis studies the interdisciplinary study program Engineering Physics with focus on Renewable Energies at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg. In 2015, she successfully accomplished the Bachelor’s program. During this period she gained knowledge and insight into renewable technologies as well as their importance for a sustainable future. In 2014 Kirsten Kleis studied one semester in Lund, Sweden.

Currently, Kirsten Kleis is enrolled in the Master’s program of Engineering Physics and works as a research assistant at CCU in the interdisciplinary subject of the recycling of platinum of fuel cells. Furthermore, she supports the development of a project for schools which aims at raising children’s awareness for electric cars and sustainable mobility.