Project "Cascade Use"

Juan Camilo Gómez Trillos

Research assistant


E-Mail: juan.camilo.gomez.trillos(at)


Unitary operations, Oil services, Renewable energy systems and Material and Energy flow analysis.

Professional Development

Born in Medellin, Colombia, he obtained his bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Mines of National University of Colombia – Medellín in 2012. During his studies he did an internship at Antioquia's Liquor Factory – FLA in a project related with the use of by-products, followed by an internship at Andercol S.A. in the Process Engineering department. After finishing his studies in 2012, he worked for the oil services company Halliburton in the Drilling and Completion fluids division in Colombia and Venezuela.

In 2016 he started to study the master program PPRE - Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy at the Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg in Germany, in which he is currently a student. In February 2017 he joined CCU for an internship in the interdisciplinary subject of recycling of PV Cells and assessment of critical materials required for the production of these devices. He is currently research assistant in the CCU project Netonia.

Through Cascade Use I became aware of the material use and resources limitations regarding the Renewable Energy technologies. Although these technologies do not depend of fuel to produce the energy we need, they do rely on different materials which in many cases are scarce or produced in limited quantities. With a growing share of renewable energy in our energy matrix, more materials will be required in the future, making their availability one of the many challenges for the energy transition. Today I believe that the efficient use of materials in Renewable Energy technologies, their proper recycling and when possible their reuse will help us in the future to make the energy industry more sustainable.