School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Law (Faculty II)

Faculty management

General Manager

Kerstin Wührmann

Personnel management,
personnel development planning as well as work and personnel related affairs

Finance and fees management at the faculty level

Acting as an external representative of the faculty

Supporting and advising the dean’s office

Advisory board support (Faculty Council)

Administrative and project-related



Nancy Waßmann

Advisory board support (Faculty Council)

Assistance and Office Management

Academics Affairs

Academics and teaching Coordinator:

Anneliese Nottebaum


Iris Wilde

Key responsibilities in the realm of Academics and Teaching:

Coordinating the organisation of degree programmes in Faculty II

Quality control, accreditation

Advising students, prospective students, and lecturers

Supporting and advising the dean

Advisory board support (Study Commission)

Managing funds from tuition fees

Administrative and project related activities in conjunction with Academics and Teaching

Computing Science Department

Departmental administration/Processing:

Christiane Großmann

Key responsibilities of the departmental administration in the Department of Computing Science:

Finances and personnel management

Supporting/advising the department head

Advisory board support (Computing Science Department)

Post-doc and professorial appointments procedures

Teaching appointments

Administrative and project related activities 


Assistant Faculty Manager:

Michael Steinmann