School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Law (Faculty II)

Service Point for Academics and Teaching

I am Ms. Anni Nottebaum, and I have been responsible for the service point for Academics and Teaching (SSL) in Faculty II since it opened in January of 2008. As the Coordinator for Academics and Teaching, it is my job to expand the advisory service to better serve your needs. My workplace has been establiched in reaction to the "bologna process".

Foto: Nottebaum Anni Nottebaum (Coordinator for Academics and Teaching)­
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Tel: +49 441-798-4591
Room: A5 0-051­

As a rule, my office is open from 8:00am until 4:00pm from tuesday until thursday, and anyone seeking advice is welcome to stop by when convenient. I will of course let it be known if I can't make time for some reason. I am happy to make appointments to deal with difficult cases.

The service point for academics and teaching is here to provide students, prospective students and others with a drop in centre for questions relating to studies. My advisory service should function as a first contact point for people seeking all kinds of information. I deal with general queries concerning the organization of studies, areas of professionalization, and problems with exam results, just to name a few. In any case, I should be able to direct you to someone who can help you with almost any specific query or concern.

Concerning exam relevance and legal obligations pertaining to information requests, subject specific consultation will have to be deferred to the appropriate subject advisors.

Here you will find office hours for professors and subject advisors in Faculty II.

The following resources help support my role as coordinator:

I have colleagues who perform the same role in the other four faculties at this university:
coordinators for academics and teaching
At age 16, I spent a year in a high school in Sumter, South Carolina, USA. I can as a result relate the ambiguities faced by both German and international students to my own experience.

Shortly before my second state exam in law, I completed a traineeship in the office of the corporate counsel at the University of Oldenburg. I also have advisory experience with a number of other issues, including: student government, orientation week, tenancy law and legal advice, the creation of an interpreting service for health care, and taking part in accreditation at the University of Bremen in 2007.

I have supported politicians and parties for more than ten eventful years (in a variety of offices and roles). Through this experience, I have acquired a high degree of competence in arbitrating between conflicting interests.

For the winter semester 2008/2009, I was mentor/advisor for the elective module "To Bologna-Management of Academics and Teaching" as part of the extra-occupational, internet-supported study program "Education Management (MBA)" in Faculty II at the University of Oldenburg.