Renewable Energy Programmes

Distance Education

Institutes at the University of Oldenburg are cooperating in the educational project               

The Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy, the ForWind Institute for Wind Energy Research and the NEXT ENERGY - EWE Research Centre for Energy Technology at the University Oldenburg are cooperating partners in the project. Within the project three extra occupational certificates of advanced studies (CAS) and one Master of Science programme (MSc) on the subject of renewable energies are being developed.

What is the educational alliance? is an alliance of German universities and research organisations to offer high-quality continuing education programmes for employees and students in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The University of Oldenburg, University of Kassel, University of Stuttgart, University of Hagen and the application-oriented research organisations Fraunhofer, Next Energy and ForWind are developing part-time courses of study and certificate programs in STEM fields with a focus on energy, sustainability and environment.

  • Learner orientated

The learning requirements of employed people must be met by allowing the study process to be independent of time and place and integrating e-learning as well as mobile learning technologies. The process of granting credit for work-related competencies must be broad and qualitative so that the programme ties in directly with the participant’s level of knowledge and builds on their level of competence.

  • Target audience

The continuing education programmes offer a broad spectrum of academic qualifications ranging from single subject-specific modules to complete master degree programmes. The course offerings are geared towards individuals who hold a diploma, bachelor’s or master’s degree, have a background in science and technology and wish to pursue a continuing education, part-time qualification.

  • Funding

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, within the framework of the qualification initiative “Advancement through Education: Open Universities”. is funded by