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  • Renewable Energy Online - REO
    Master of Science

Renewable energy plays an important role in worldwide energy supply. Experts are requested all over the world for the rearrangement of existing energy supply systems as well as for the development and implementation of innovative and sustainable centralised and decentralised systems.

The master's programme Renewable Energy Online (REO) qualifies you in the field of renewable energy technologies, systems and sustainability. REO is an English-language, part-time study programme with a technical focus, aiming for engineers and natural scientists with a first university degree and at least one year of professional experience. It is especially suitable for students who are not able to study in Germany, e.g. due to job obligations or family duties.

The programme comprises 120 ECTS credits of mainly online study, including two on-campus periods. The regular study time is 7 semesters, comprising of three modules each for the first five semesters and the master thesis in the sixth and sevenths semester. Due to its modular design, the REO curriculum can be adapted flexibly to your individual life situation.

After finalising the programme, you will be able to work as a Renewable Energy expert in a self-organized, interdisciplinary, problem-oriented, responsible and scientific manner, to present results in a structured format and to critically reflect on them. Prospective employers are e.g. companies, governments, academia and development cooperation organizations.

The benefits of the programme at a glance:

  • Multidisciplinary and application-oriented approach
  • Content based on latest research
  • Study language English
  • International participants and network
  • Professional supervision and support from experts
  • Flexible learning organisation through online study
  • No loss of earnings as a result of part-time studies

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via reo(at)


Renewable Energy Online

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