Cognitive Psychology

Practical Projects

can be performed within the Cognitive Psychology Lab.

Topics include, but are not limited to,

1) Audio-visual integration experiments

The detection, discrimination, identification, and localization of a stimulus in one modality (e.g., vision) can be facilitated, or inhibited, by presenting a stimulus from another modality (e.g., audition) in spatial and/or temporal proximity. These crossmodal interaction effects are measured by manual and saccadic response times.Some of the experiments can be conducted in a driving simulator environment designed to develop driver assistance systems.

2) How much time does it take to cancel a planned action ?  

In the stop-signal paradigm, the participant is instructed to to cancel a response to a go-signal as soon as a stop-signal, presented only in a small percentage of trials, occurs. Many aspects of this paradigm have been investigated in both behavioral and neurophysiological experiments. Nevertheless, some basic issues, like the effect of participants' strategies, are still unresolved.

Practical projects adressing different aspects of these topics are available. They may also include the development and testing of quantitative models.