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Plasiticity in the control of Brain-Machine-Interfaces (BMI): Qualitative self-evaluation and physiological parameters

Aim and scope: Despite the fact that BMI builds upon voluntary self-regulation of brain activity almost nothing is known whether subjects are able to self evaluate task difficulty, strategy and prospective success. The study aims to shed light on the potential predictive power of introspective self evaluation for performance in motor imagery brain machine interfaces.

Methods: The study will build upon existing self evaluation sheets and interviews from a study on motor imagery training to control a motor BMI. Self evaluation will be analyzed semi-quantitatively. Judgments and statements will be correlated with development of behavioral success in BMI-control over training and with physiological results.

Impact: This will be a first BMI-study relating introspective self evaluation and success in BMI. The results are expected to help to improve selection of subjects and training of BMI-control.

Open Master thesis


Detection of different grasping types from markerless motion tracking systems

Aim and scope:

One of the main goals in our lab is to understand how humans generate natural movements and in particular manipulative actions like grasping and how the brain coordinates these movements. This project is intended to find motor primitives in higly trained everyday movements.


There are two markerless motion tracking systems available to measure upper limb movements - the Kinect like depth sensor "CARMINE1.09" (PrimeSense) and a sensor glove to capture finger kinematics in three dimensions in space "SHAPEHAND" (Measurand). Each system provides different information about the performed movement. Machine learning techniques will be used to derive motor primitives.

Inquiries and Application

Applicants should have good programming skills in Matlab and/or C/C++, a good visual thinking and some knowledge in geometry. Experience in motion tracking would be helpfull, but not be necessary.

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