Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy


13.08.2018 – PPRE

Role of RE in Global Energy Transition Scenarios

On Friday the 22nd Dr. Falko Ueckerdt, a postdoctoral researcher and project team leader at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) visited PPRE and gave a talk on the role of RE in energy scenarios

25.01.2018 – PPRE

Colombian receives DAAD award

Monica Andrea Gutiérrez Almonacid (PPRE 2014/16) was honored for her outstanding performance and social commitment.

21.12.2017 – PPRE

Solarpark Fliegerhorst Oldenburg Excursion

Here is a small summary of our trip on Saturday afternoon, with attached pictures. Many thanks for making it happen, very much appreciated.

23.11.2017 – PPRE

New Incomings for RE Master Programmes at University of Oldenburg

On 4th of October 2017 the University of Oldenburg welcomed 32 new RE master students – 20 students enrolled in the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) and 12 in the European RE Master Programme organized by EUREC, Brussels.

22.11.2017 – PPRE

Final Excursion Report

On the 24 July, 2017, PPRE students of 2016/18 batch started their final excursion. The excursion was scheduled for one-week duration in the PPRE program at the end of the summer semester with visits to several organizations and places related to renewable energy.

16.11.2017 – PPRE

PPRE-Challenge 2017: Clash of wisdom and youth

With a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding it, the long going tradition of the PPRE challenge was held this year on the 5th of July 2017. A challenge in which students of the PPRE program face their mentors of professors, teachers and tutors in two matches of volleyball and football.more

02.11.2017 – PPRE

Graduation Ceremony 2017

The twenty-ninth PPRE batch finalized their graduation ceremony in a touching event on March 31st 2017. The ceremony was organized by the graduation ceremony team.more

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