Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy


25.01.2018 – PPRE

Colombian receives DAAD award

Monica Andrea Gutiérrez Almonacid (PPRE 2014/16) was honored for her outstanding performance and social commitment.

21.12.2017 – PPRE

Solarpark Fliegerhorst Oldenburg Excursion

Here is a small summary of our trip on Saturday afternoon, with attached pictures. Many thanks for making it happen, very much appreciated.

23.11.2017 – PPRE

New Incomings for RE Master Programmes at University of Oldenburg

On 4th of October 2017 the University of Oldenburg welcomed 32 new RE master students – 20 students enrolled in the Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) and 12 in the European RE Master Programme organized by EUREC, Brussels.

22.11.2017 – PPRE

Final Excursion Report

On the 24 July, 2017, PPRE students of 2016/18 batch started their final excursion. The excursion was scheduled for one-week duration in the PPRE program at the end of the summer semester with visits to several organizations and places related to renewable energy.

16.11.2017 – PPRE

PPRE-Challenge 2017: Clash of wisdom and youth

With a lot of hype and anticipation surrounding it, the long going tradition of the PPRE challenge was held this year on the 5th of July 2017. A challenge in which students of the PPRE program face their mentors of professors, teachers and tutors in two matches of volleyball and football.more

02.11.2017 – PPRE

Graduation Ceremony 2017

The twenty-ninth PPRE batch finalized their graduation ceremony in a touching event on March 31st 2017. The ceremony was organized by the graduation ceremony team.more

06.10.2017 – PPRE

PPRE presented at Stifterverband conference in Lower Saxony

As a follow up of being awarded the Ars-Legendi Prize in 2016 by the Stifterverband and the German Rector’s Conference, PPRE was invited to present itself at the annual Stifterverband conference in Lower Saxony on March 30th 2017 in Hannover.more

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