Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE)

We offer a MSc programme on the fundamentals of renewable energy, designed for scientists and engineers intending to pursue a professional career in this field.

Application deadlines are

  • 15 October (1 year before entry) only for DAAD applicants from developing countries
  • 15 January (9 months before entry) regular application deadline for self-sponsored students and those applying for a scholarship other than DAAD (all countries)

Please apply online between August 15 and January 15. (Flash, Javascript and https/ssl encryption are needed).

Classes start in early October every year.

Please see our application section for important information on the process, and also the FAQ for questions about applying to PPRE.


PPRE accredited by ASIIN

PPRE wins Ars Legendi Prize 2016

PPRE wins one of the most prestigious prizes for education in Germany. The Ars Legendi Prize 2016 was awarded for best approach to diversity related teaching and learning. Read more


  • On Friday the 22nd Dr. Falko Ueckerdt, a postdoctoral researcher and project team leader at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) visited PPRE and gave a talk on the role of RE in energy scenarios

  • Monica Andrea Gutiérrez Almonacid (PPRE 2014/16) was honored for her outstanding performance and social commitment.