Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants

Jannes Höpke

Bachelor candidate in the AG Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants

Two plaintain species or up to four?

 Within my practice module in the workgroup “Biodiversity and Evolution of Plants” I dealt with species from genus Plantago L. (plaintain). The aim was to investigate whether the European and South African Populations of Plantago coronopus L. (buck's-horn plantain) can be seen as different species. The same issue persisted for Plantago crassifolia Forrsk. (no English trivial name known). Therefore a DNA based phylogenetic and a morphological investigation was conducted for all available specimens of species from subgenus Coronopus (Lam. & DC.) Rahn. This subgenus set the frame for interpreting how European and South African populations of both above-mentioned species are integrated within their relationships."