Wind energy systems

Research activities of the working group wind energy systems

Current research projects

We are currently part of the following research projects:

project aim contact duration external source
Baltic I Control of offshore wind farms by local wind power prediction as well as by power and load monitoring Luis Vera-Tudela 2011-2014 BMU
GW Wakes GigaWatt wakes Jörge Schneemann 2011-2014 BMU
IEA Wind Task 32 LIDAR: Wind Lidar Systems for Wind Energy Deployment Davide Trabucchi    
InnWind.EU The overall objectives of the INNWIND.EU project are the high performance innovative design of a beyond-state-of-the-art 10-20MW offshore wind turbine and hardware demonstrators of some of the critical components. Bernd Kuhnle 2012-2017 EU
OWEA Loads Control methods to reduce hydrodynamic loads Binita Shrestha 2012-2015 BMU
EERA DTOC European Energy Research Alliance - Development of design tools for offshore wind farm clusters Hauke Beck
2012-2015 EU
Aerospace engineering meets wind energy Martin Kraft 2012-2016 BMU
Windscanner.EU (Prepatory Phase - PP)
Installation of a European research infrastructure (RI) for advanced remote wind profiling using lidars. Martin Bitter 2012-2015 EU
Rotor blade deformations
Estimating bending and torsion of rotor blades during operation Hauke Beck 2011-2014 MWK