Statistical Physics

Group Seminar

Tuesday 16.15 pm in Room W02 3-349  (seminar room theoretical physics)


  14.11.17   Marcel Kahlen   Frozen Polymers
  21.11.17   Jannik Ehrich   Hidden Degrees of Freedom in Fluctuation Theorems
  12.12.17   Sina Sadeghi   Chemical Networks
  19.12.17   Dennis Schulz   Report Bachelor thesis
  09.01.18   Patrick Pietzonka   Thermodynamic bounds on current fluctuations
  16.01.18   Mattes Heerwagen   Collective phases in highly diverse ecosystems
  23.01.18   Stefan Landmann   Innovation rather than improvement: the limitations of scalar fitness
  05.02.18   Artur Wachtel   Thermodynamically Consistent Coarse Graining of Biocatalysts beyond Michaelis--Menten
  12.02.18   Katharina Janzen   Spin Gläser, Skalenfreie Netzwerke und Universalität (time: 14.00)



Colloquium Theoretical Physics

Th 14 - 16 pm,    W02 1-143    current program

Physical Colloquium

Mo 16 - 18 pm,    W02 1-148    current program