Past lab members at the University of Oldenburg, Germany


    MD/PhD, postdoc DeC 2014 - April 2018


    Master in Biology 2018 "Quantifying the relative extent of inferior colliculus subdivisions in the chicken"

    Lena Köpcke

    Matlab Custom Program Development Nov 2016 - Apr 2017


    Bachelor in Biology 2018: "Programming an analysis procedure for auditory-nerve spike data"

    Carolin Jüchter

    Bachelor in Biology 2017 "Histological quantification of the Inferior colliculus of chickens"

    went on to do a Master of Neuroscience at the University of Oldenburg

  • Angelika Spanjer

    Technical Assistant 2016

  • Sina Engler

    Master in Biology 2016 "Ribbon-synapse size along the tonotopic gradient of the gerbil cochlea"

    went on to do a PhD at UMCG Groningen

  • Lukas Lehmann

    BSc in Biology 2016 "Effect of Wnt9a misexpression on inner ear morphogenesis of chickens"

  • Daniel Erlemann

    BSc in Biology 2016 "Histological analysis of the chicken's auditory midbrain, including functional aspects"

    went on to study for Master Neuroscience

  • Nicolás Palanca-Castán

    Dr.rer.nat., 2016: "Interaural time difference processing in the auditory brainstem of two bird species"

    went on to do a postdoc at Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile

  • Christina Schäfer

    BSc in Biology 2016 "Is there age-related synaptic degeneration in the chicken basilar papilla?"

    went on to study for Master in Biology

  • Mara Jeschke

    BSc in Biology 2015: "Effects of Wnt9a overexpression on the differentiating basilar papilla of the chicken"


    BSc in Biology 2014: "Ratio of presynaptic ribbons to afferent terminals in the basilar papilla"

    went on to study for Master in Biology

  • Nicole Beier

    MSc Biology thesis 2013: "Mapping of the Frizzled-Family Receptor 10 gene expression through the embryonic development of the chicken basilar papilla"

  • Mirka Jordan

    BSc Biology thesis 2012: "Otoferlin - localisation, gradients and colocalisation in basilar-papilla hair cells of the chicken and barn owl"
    (went on to do a Master in Biology)

  • Sandra Buschhaus

    Technical Assistant 2010-2013

  • Constanze Funke

    MSc Biology thesis 2013: "Long-term knock-down of the expression of Wnt-signalling components by RCAS-virus-induced RNA interference in the inner ear of chicken embryos"

Past lab members at the University of Sydney, Australia

  • Dr. Jenny Brockhausen

    Postdoc 2010
    (went on to a postdoc position at the Centenary Institute, Sydney)

  • Andrew Affleck

    MPhil thesis 2009-2011: "Ribbon synapses in hair cells of the avian basilar papilla"
    (went on to Research Officer at Neuroscience Research Australia, Sydney)

  • Erik Wibowo

    BSc Honours thesis 2007: The evolutionary origin of a dedicated feedback system from the brain to the hearing organs"
    (went on to do a PhD at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

  • Corey Ta

    BSc Honours thesis 2009: "Neurotransmitters used by cochlear efferents in the chicken"
    (went on to study Medicine)

Past lab members at the Technical University of Munich, Germany

  • Andrea Wegscheider

    Technical Assistant 1995-1999

  • Monika Franke

    Technical Assistant 2000-2003

  • Birgit Seibel

    Technical Assistant 2004-2006

  • Tobias Raabe

    PhD thesis 1998-2004: "Origin of cochlear efferents in the barn owl's brainstem"
    (went on to do a Postdoc at Auckland University, New Zealand)

  • Regina Nickel

    Diploma thesis in Biology 1999: "Development of cochlear evoked potentials in the barn owl (Tyto alba)"
    (went on to do a PhD at the Centre for Auditory Research, University College London)

  • Alexandra Achenbach

    Diploma thesis in Biology 2003: "Delayed maturation of hair-cell orientation in the basilar papilla of the barn owl"
    (went on to do a PhD at the Department Biologie II, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich)

  • Theresa Sagmeister

    Diploma thesis in Biology 2002: "The development of hair cells and their sterevillar bundles in the basilar papilla of the barn owl"
    (joined a vet's surgery)

  • Michaela Kleindienst

    Diploma thesis in Biology 2002: "The development of myelination and axon diameters of afferent fibres in the auditory nerve of the barn owl"
    (joined a pharmaceutical company)

  • Laura Schebelle

    Diploma thesis in Biology 2005: "Development of hair-cell orientation in the basilar papilla of birds: Influence of acoustic input"
    (went on to do a PhD at the German Research Centre for Environmental Health, Neuherberg, Germany)

  • Walter Hermes

    Diploma thesis in Biology 2006: "Mechanisms of the endocochlear potential in birds"
    (joined Novartis Behring, a pharmaceutical company)