Group Photo 2017

from left to right: M Queralt Caus Capdevila, Friederike Könitz-Steenken, Amarins Heeringa, Ulrike Sienknecht, Roberta Aralla, Geoff Manley, Roksana Stachowiak, Lichun Zhang, Carolin Jüchter, Sina Engler (guest from Groningen), Christine Köppl 

Group photo at Habiba's wedding 2017

Group 2016

from left to right: Geoff Manley, Ulrike Sienknecht, M Queralt Caus Capdevila, Daniel Erlemann, Sonja Standfest, Angelika Spanjer, Christine Köppl, Friederike Steenken, Nadine Thiele, Sina Engler, Lichun Zhang

Group 2015

from left to right: Roksana Stachowiak, Irina Wojahn, Ulrike Sienknecht, Roberta Aralla, Bianca Krumm, Sonja Standfest, Lichun Zhang, Sina Engler, Christine Köppl, Geoff Manley

Group 2014

from left to right: Christina Schäfer, Roksana Stachowiak, Christine Köppl, Geoff Manley, Ulrike Sienknecht, Mara Jeschke, Nico Palanca, Sonja Standfest, Bianca Krumm

Group 2013, during the visit of Dr. Chris Bergevin

from York University, Toronto, Canada. This visit was generously funded by the SFB/TRR 31 "Active Hearing"
(from left to right: Chris Bergevin, Ulrike Sienknecht, Constanze Funke, Christine Köppl, Sandra Buschhaus, Geoff Manley, Nico Palanca)

Group 2012, during the visit of Prof. Jose Luis Peña

from the Einstein College, New York, USA. This visit was generously funded by the SFB/TRR 31 "Active Hearing"
(from left to right: Jose Luis Peña, Ulrike Sienknecht, Constanze Funke, Nico Palanca, Sandra Buschhaus, Mirka Jordan, Christine Köppl, Geoff Manley)

Group 2012, during the sabbatical visit of Prof. Catherine Carr and Dr. Go Ashida

from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA. This visit was generously funded by the Humboldt foundation and the Hanse Wissenschaftskolleg
(from left to right: Nico Palanca, Constanze Funke, Geoff Manley, Christine Köppl, Sandra Buschhaus, Catherine Carr, Nicole Beier, Go Ashida, Ulrike Sienknecht)

Reception for our Humboldt guests by the university president, Feb 2012

(from left to right: Christine Köppl, Go Ashida, Catherine Carr, Babette Simon)