Current lab members

Prof. Christine Köppl

Lab head

Office W04-0-057

phone 0441 798 3563

email: Christine.Koeppl(at)

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Dr. Ulrike Sienknecht

Research Associate

Office W04-1-151

phone 0441 798 3789

email: Ulrike.Sienknecht(at)

Lichun Zhang, MD/PhD



phone: 0441 798 3786

email: Lichun.Zhang(at)

Amarins Heeringa, PhD



phone: 0441 798 3331


Prof. Geoffrey A. Manley

Guest scientist and retired professor

Office W04-0-054

email: Geoffrey.Manley(at)


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Sonja Standfest

Technical Assistent

lab W04-0-041

phone 0441 798 3785

email: Sonja.Standfest(at)

PhD students

  • Roberta Aralla

    PhD student

    Project "Is there an auditory space map in the chicken midbrain?"

  • Bianca Krumm

    PhD student (jointly supervised by Klump lab)

    Project: "Psychophysics of sound localisation in chickens and owls"

  • friederike Könitz-steenken

    PhD student

    Project "Linking age-related cochlear dysfunction to the perception of temporal
    fine structure in the gerbil

  • M queralt caus capdevila

    PhD student

    Project "Role of the ribbon synapse in high-frequency neural phase locking"

  • Nadine Thiele

    PhD student

    Project "Field potentials in the auditory system"

Master students

  • Habiba Monir

    Master student

    Project "Quantifying the extent of subregions of the chicken's inferior colliculus"

Bachelor students

  • Niklas HOwad

    Bachelor student

    Project "Programming an analysis procedure for auditory-nerve spike data"

  • Melissa Jäger

    Bachelor student

    Project "Gecko inner ear development"

  • Niklas Münster

    Bachelor student

    Project "Establishing an immunohistochemical marker for postsynaptic elements in the avian basilar papilla"