Neuroanatomy / Microscopy

  • immunohistochemistry: double- and triple-labelling with differently coloured fluorescent markers, confocal microscopy

  • immunohistochemistry: DAB-labelling

  • in-situ hybridisation

  • dye marking of recording sites

  • tract tracing in the central nervous system

Electrophysiology in-vivo

  • recording of evoked potentials with, e.g., subcutaneous metal electrodes

  • recording of single-unit action potentials with glass microelectrodes

Molecular Genetics

  • RT-PCR on developmental cDNA libraries from chicken embryos

  • Cloning of expression vectors

  • Production of retrovirus stocks in cell culture

  • Virus-mediated long-term and stable gene misexpression in chicken embryos

  • Design and application of short hairpin (sh)RNA interference