Biochemistry of neurosensory processes/ signal transduction


DFG (KO948/10-2) „Control of the guanylate cyclase signaling unit in phototransduction by the RD3 protein.“ Term 3 years (2014-2017)


DFG-Graduiertenkolleg „Molecular basis of sensory biology“ GRK1885/1

(13 Applicats from faculties V and VI) Speaker: Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch. Term 4,5 years (October 2013 until March 2018)


AFSOR Research Grant „Cryptochrome-based Magnetic Sensing”;

2 applicants from Oldenburg University (Henrik Mouritsen and Karl-Wilhelm Koch), 4 applicants from the University of Oxford (Peter Hore, Christiane Timmel, Stuart Mackenzie and Scott Waddell). Term 5 years (September 2014 until September 2019)


Participation in Landesgraduiertenkolleg „Nano-Energieforschung“ (Speaker: Prof. Christoph Lienau; Karl-Wilhelm Koch member of the regulatory committy). Term 4 years (October 2014 until August 2018)