Medical Physics

Seminar Medizinische Physik

Wintersemester 2017/18

Date Topic PresenterRoomLanguage

Common Audiological Functional Parameters (CAFPAs)

Mareike BuhlW30 0-033/34DE

The valuable differences between humans and FADE

David Hülsmeier W30 0-033/34DE
07.11.17Psychoacoustics of infrasoundElisa BurkeW30 0-033/34

Psychoacoustics with head-motion displays and audiovisual realistic environments

Gerard Llorach W30 0-033/34EN

Integrating a self-fitting concept in the hearing aid fitting process

Jonathan Gößwein?EN
28.11.17 Spatial Speech Intelligibility of Bimodal Cochlear Implant Users Ayham Zedan W30 0-033/34EN
05.12.17 Loudness summation in unilateral and bilateral CI users Laura Hartog W30 0-033/34DE
12.12.17 Head movements and hearing aid evaluation Maartje Hendrikse W30 0-033/34EN
19.12.17 Loudness: neural correlates of recalibration Florian Schmidt ?DE
09.01.18 Modelling binaural speech intelligibility in NH and HI listeners Christopher Hauth ?DE

How do current spread and speech information distribution interact for CI users' speech intelligibility,depending on the density of activated electrodes along a CI array

Tarik Siebe ?DE
23.01.18 The relation of listening effort and neural entrainment Jana Müller ?DE
30.01.18 Auditory attention decoding from biosignals by neural networks Tobias de Taillez ?

Sommersemester 2018

Date Topic PresenterLanguage


--Kein Medi-Seminar--


10.04.18 Model-based fitting of hearing aids Lena Haverkamp
17.04.18 Virtual bimodal CIBen Williges