Vibration Perception

The knowledge of classical psychoacoustic is adopted to the field of vibration perception, to understand the similarities and differences of the underlying mechanisms. Especially the multi-modal interaction of auditory and vibration perception is of current interest.

In daily life situations we are exposed to variety of simultaneous attractions. The overall judgement of a situation is therefore a result from different sensations, hearing being only one of them. From a technical point of view an occurrence of sound is often directly linked to structural vibration. In this cases hearing a sound goes along with a sensation of vibration. It is therefore of large interest to extend the psychoacoustic knowledge on the perception of sounds to an understanding of vibration perception. What are the similarities and what are the differences between the auditory and vibration perception?

Besides the basic research the multi-modal interaction of auditory and vibration perception is of current interest. In a lot of cases the investigation of generic psycho-physical questions in the field of vibration perception (like thresholds, JNDs,...) is directly linked to applied problems making this research area highly attractive.

Current Projects

    Synchronicity perception between Acoustic and Tactile stimuli

    Magdalena Scholz

    Analysis of Tibetan Bowles

    Christina Imbery, Britta Jensen

    Lab-project: vibration perception
    Pleasantness of combined sound and whole-body vibrations

Former Projects

    Simulation of a vibro-acoustic source
    Psychophysikalische und physiologische Antworten auf originale und synthetisierte vibroakustische Signale unter Berücksichtigung des Versuchsleitereinflusses

Julia Habicht

    Auditory-tactile integration in speech intelligibility

Sarinah Sutojo 

    Analysis of Tibetan Bowles
    Physiologische und psychologische Reaktionen auf Klang und Vibration am Beispiel von Klangschalen

    Vibration rendering with music

Thomas Biberger