Basic Psychoacoustics

In this topic area we investigate the basic functions used in auditory perception. Using listening tests with well-controlled stimuli parameters, we aim to improve our understanding about auditory peripheral processing as well as further stages of auditory processing in the brain.

The thorough understanding of human auditory perception is relevant for a large range of application areas. The hearing research conducted by the acoustics group in Oldenburg focuses on binaural hearing in complex acoustical environments. Important questions are: how can listeners hear the direction of sound sources that are presented in reverberant and noisy environments? What factors contribute to the understanding of speech in complex acoustical environments? What perceptual cues need to be represented accurately for obtaining high-fidelity sound reproduction and room acoustical simulations?

Current Projects

    Spatial Perception in complex enviroments

Stefan Klockgether, Björn Lübken, Darrin Reed

Former Projects