School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Head of Educational Deanery

Dr. Kirsten Gehlhar

Dr. Gehlhar holds a doctorate in Biology and an MME (Master of Medical Education). In September 2011 she transferred to Oldenburg from the Educational Deanery of Witten/Herdecke University to help set up the model course. Her main task is to develop and implement the curriculum for the EMS course in Medicine in cooperation with our partner university, Groningen University, and all the other parties involved in Oldenburg.


Consultant for clinical matters

Dr. Julia Wohlers-Zöllner

As a Doctor of Biology, Ms. Wohlers-Zöllner first worked in a scientific capacity in various third-party-funded projects and spent an extended period abroad. On 1st May 2013, she joined the University of Oldenburg. She is the contact person within the Deanery for all the School's clinical matters and together with the cooperating hospitals she coordinates the development of the "Clinical research" scientific focus area.


Academic research coordination

Dr. Christine Beardsley

Dr. Christine Beardsley is a Doctor of Biology and worked at non-university research institutes in Germany and abroad before joining the University of Oldenburg as a scientist in 2007. In May 2013 she transferred to the Deanery of School VI and is responsible there for academic research coordination between the cooperation partners in Oldenburg and Groningen. What is more, as the Equal Opportunities Officer of the School, she is the contact person for all issues relating to gender equality in the newly founded School. 



Joachim Stelljes

Mr. Stelljes has been responsible for the finances of the School since 1st February 2013. That was when he moved from School V to the new School of Medicine and Health Sciences. He is in charge of structuring the financial administration as well as the planning and allocation of finances within the School. 


Deanery Office

Hilke Lueken

Since October 2015, Ms. Lueken has been supporting the Dean and acts as the "communications hub" for all contacts with the EMS.


Office for appointments and committees

Silke Soeken und Birgit Stein

Ms. Soeken has worked in the Founding Deanery since 1st July 2012, and Ms. Stein since 1st November 2012. They support administrative work associated with appointments of new professors and are responsible for the School's committee meetings.