School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Research Focuses

The research at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences is carried out by interconnected scientific and clinical departments with the support of coordinated programmes such as the Cluster of Excellence Hearing4all, collaborative research centres, research groups and graduate schools. The research groups in the fields mentioned below belong to the university’s key topic Humans and Technology and contribute to the associated focal points Hearing Research, Sensory Neuroscience and Health Care Systems and Patient-Centredness.

  • Medical Physics and Acoustics
  • Sensory Neuroscience
  • Psychology, Psychiatry und Neurology
  • Health Services Research

  • Oncology
  • Cardiovascular Research
  • and other research groups

Research Infrastructure - Biomedicum

Scientists at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences have a diversified research infrastructure at their disposal, brought together in the Biomedicum.

Promotion of Young Scientists

The University of Oldenburg offers structured PhD programmes. Founded in 20011, the Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology (Oltech) is the umbrella organisation for several of these programmes from the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, computer science and medicine. An MD/PhD programme is currently under development.

The Research Commission

The Research Commission advises the Deanery on matters concerning research and gives recommendations for the funding of research at the School (the Research Fund), the development of research focuses and the criteria for evaluating scientific achievements.