Media Informatics and Multimedia Systems

Lecture and Tutorial Interactive Systems

Module Contents

The field of interactive systems deals with the tasks, concepts and technologies of human-computer interaction and its user-friendly and suitable design. The lecture is based on the so-called Human Centred Design Process and includes models of interaction between humans and their environment, iterative design, prototyping techniques, study and evaluation processes. Basic design principles, methods and tools are presented. Practical tasks complete the lecture.

Learning Goals / Competences

The module provides basic knowledge about the design of interactive systems. Graduates of the module know the basics and characteristics of user-friendly and usable user interfaces. They know the central procedures for determining the usage context and for gathering requirements. In addition, they have acquired basic skills for the design and prototypical implementation of interactive systems. In addition, they have an overview of established evaluation techniques and are able to apply them.


Alan Dix, Janet Finlay, Gregory Abowd, Russell Beale: Human Computer Interaction.

Bernhard Preim, Raimund Dachselt: Interaktive Systeme