Landscape Ecology

Regine Kayser


Regine Kayser
Oldenburg University
Landscape Ecology Working Group 
D-26111 Oldenburg

Tel   0049 (0) 441 798 3913
Fax  0049 (0) 441 798 5659
Email : regine.kayser(at)  

Monday-Thursday (9.00am - 2.00pm) you can contact me in W2-2-226.

I`m an Agricultural-Technical-Assistant and responsible for the soil-lab in our working group.

We can do general chemical soil analyses like pH, C/N, Corg, CaCo3, NPK, soil particle size,...............
I´ll try to answer all the students´ questions and I´ll help to do the analyse correctly.

If you need field-equipment, please contact me for lending out.