Landscape Ecology

Junior Group - Plant allocation patterns

Motivated students are always welcome to join our group. Bachelor and master students looking for a thesis topic: please contact me at any time.

Dr. Vanessa Minden 

Assistant Professor

Telephone +449-441-7983954

Email vanessa.minden(at)

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M.Sc. Tilla Schulte Ostermann

PhD student

Email to come

Tilla is member of the tibass project

PhD student

Julia is member of the project IBR

Annegret Fischer

Bachelor student

Topic: Effekte von Tierarzneimitteln auf funktionelle Eigenschaften von Pflanzen am Beispiel von Zea mays


B.Sc. Anna Martina Volkert

Master student

Topic: Effects of anthropogenically distributed antibiotics on plant functional traits

Project: Effects of anthropogenically distributed antibiotics on plants and plant-insect interactions

Niels Kappert

Bacheor student

Topic: Enzymaktivität, Spezifische Wurzellänge und Unterirdische Biomasseallokation von Nutzpflanzen und Arten des Ackerrandstreifens unter Antibiotikaeinfluss

Lisann de Jong

Bachelor student


Topic: Do invasives grow better? Testing the growth rate hypothesis of a native herb and its invasive congener

Anna Rauscher

Bachelor student

Email anna.rauscher(at)

Topic: Variation of plant functional traits during ontogeny

B.Sc. Jelena Gorschlüter

Master student

Email jelena(at)gorschlü

Topic: Trait-plasticity of three congeneric Impatiens-species as response to different light and nutrient treatments

Minden V, Gorschlüter J (2016) Comparison of native and non-native Impatiens species across experimental light and nutrient gradients. Plant Ecology and Evolution 149: 59-72 [link]

Claas Lünsdorf

Bachelor student

Email claas.henning.luensdorf(at)

Topic: Tree allometry and differences in crown shape in relation to growth strategies between canopy and understory tree species