International Student Office

Getting or renewing your residence permit

If you are from country that is not a member of the European Union, you need a residence permit to study in Germany, even if you did not need a visa to enter the country.

To obtain or renew your residence permit, you need to make an appointment with the city's Foreigners' Office (Hochschulservice Ausländerbüro). Please use the online-form (in German language) to fix an appointment. 

Please arrange your appointment well in advance since appointments may go quickly (two months prior to expiration/ within 90 days after your arrival in Germany).

For your appointment with the Foreigners’ Office, you will need the following documents:

  1. A current confirmation of your health insurance. If you are enrolled in the public health insurance system, contact your provider and let them issue a letter to you which states that you are currently a member there; the health insurance card is not enough. If you have private health insurance, you need to extend your insurance so that it covers the entire period for which you want to have a residence permit. Then you need to show proof of this to the Foreigners' Office.
  2. A proof of funding for your studies (copy of the document), e.g. a letter from your bank that confirms you have a locked bank account with a restriction (»Sperrvermerk«) covering over 8,640 euros/year (12 x 720 Euro/month), a formal obligation letter or a scholarship confirmation
  3. Your national passport.
  4. A current confirmation of enrolment (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung)
  5. A fee of around 100 euros (for the first residence permit) or up to 80 euros (for each renewal), unless you finance your stay with a scholarhship
  6. A biometric passport photograph

The Foreigners' Office is situated in the New Town Hall building at Pferdemarkt 14; students are attended to in room A 103.



Katja Kaboth-Larsen

+49 (0)441 798-4783
Room: A12 2-208

Foreigner's Office – University Service

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