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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching (STA)

Eramus+ provides funding for guest lecturers at European universities which hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). Through their stay, visiting lecturers should strengthen the European aspect of the host university, complement existing courses and impart their specialist knowledge to students who do not want to or cannot study abroad. Where possible, the development of joint programmes at partner universities as well as the exchange of course content and teaching approaches should play a role in staff mobility. Staff from foreign companies and organisations can also be invited to German universities for educational purposes.

Staff mobility must take place in a programme country which is not the country of the sending university (except for incoming mobility, see below) and not the main country of residence of the person concerned.

For teaching purposes, staff at a German higher education institution with an ECHE are eligible to receive funding for mobility to a host higher education institution with an ECHE (outgoing mobility). Staff from a higher education institution or a public or private organisation active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training or youth in another programme country are also eligible to receive funding for teaching purposes at a German higher education institution with an ECHE (incoming mobility).

Repeated applications for funding are possible but grants are primarily awarded to people who have not yet completed an Erasmus stay.

Teaching stays within Europe may last between two days and two months (excluding travel); the course workload is at least eight hours per stay or for each week or part thereof.

The following groups are eligible for funding:

  • Professors and lecturers employed by the university
  • Non-stipendiary lecturers (Dozenten ohne Dotierung)
  • Assistant lecturers (Lehrbeauftragte mit Werkverträgen)
  • Retired professors and lecturers
  • Academic staff (wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter)
  • Company employees

Only employees who are on the university's payroll and are entitled to apply for business travel are eligible for funding.

Erasmus+ mobility funding includes fixed allowances for travel and subsistence expenses. Individuals may not apply for financial support from another EU programme to cover travel and subsistence expenses while receiving Erasmus+ funding.



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Christa Weers
Study Abroad Advisor (Europe) / Erasmus+ Coordinator
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