International Student Office

Welcome to the International Student Office!

We happily advise you if you are interested in studying at the University of Oldenburg. Come and join the 1000 international students already enrolled.

We also advise students when planning to study abroad – either within Europe (Erasmus+) or in Non-European countries.



International Student Office

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Erasmus ID code: D OLDENBU01
TOEFL code: 3556


26. March 2018 - 30. March 2018   International Orientation Week
26. March 2018   10:00 - 12:00 Welcome reception for all new international students
A festive welcome reception for all new international students (exchange students AND degree...
26. March 2018   12:00 - 13:30  Lunch at the mensa followed by Campus tour
Within the international orientation week, everybody is having lunch together at the mensa...
26. March 2018   14:00 - 16:00 Enrolment of exchange students
Please bring required documents (see admission letter) as well as 275,10 Euro apt in cash with...

Call for Applications / Deadlines

12. March 2018 - 19. April 2018   PROMOS Scholarships for studying abroad
12. March 2018 - 19. April 2018   Fernweh Grant for studying abroad
26. April 2018   Biava Scholarship
02. May 2018   DAAD contact grants for International Doctoral Candidates