International Student Office

Welcome to the International Student Office!

We happily advise you if you are interested in studying at the University of Oldenburg. Come and join the 1000 international students already enrolled.

We also advise students when planning to study abroad – either within Europe (Erasmus+) or in Non-European countries.



International Student Office

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Erasmus ID code: D OLDENBU01
TOEFL code: 3556

Call for Applications / Deadlines

14. July 2017 - 31. August 2017   Austauschprogramm außerhalb Europas 2018
Die Austauschplätze für ein Auslandsstudium außerhalb Europas (exkl. US/CA) sind ausgeschrieben....
01. August 2017 - 01. October 2017   ERP-scholarship: Study and research stays in the U.S.
01. November 2017   McCloy-scholarship: Two-year Master's degree course at Harvard Kennedy School


25. July 2017   20:00   Movie Night
Students show movies from all over the world.
27. July 2017   13:00 French regulars' table (Stammtisch)
All interested are welcome.
27. July 2017   16:00 - 18:00  Swahili regulars' table
All interested are welcome.
28. July 2017   20:00 International Dinner
Please bring your favourite dish or a speciality from your country for the buffet.