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Cycling in and around Oldenburg

As everything in Oldenburg is within easy reach, cycling is possibly the best (and most popular) mode of transport in the city. It is also an effective and eco-friendly alternative to public transport or taxis. Cycling can even be a faster way of getting around than taking the bus, as Oldenburg offers an unusally extensive network of safe cycle paths and designated cycle lanes on roads and cycle routes in its surrounding areas, and land flatness is luckily a typical feature of the land in Northern Germany. You may be avle to hire a bike from your host, or you can hire one at the University's Do-It-Yourself bicycle repair shop (6 € per week, 20 € per month), which also offers free assistance with repairs and inexpensive spare parts. If you would like to purchase a second hand bicycle, check the advertisements in the Nordwest Zeitung (NWZ) every Tuesday and Saturday, try ebay, go to a local bicycle dealer, or ask the staff at the DIY bicycle repair shop.