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Carpooling and car sharing


If you prefer to travel by car rather than by public transport, carpooling may be a great option. Car owners register online with a car sharing network such as or (also operating in Germany) and offer empty seats in their cars to people travelling the same route as they do. As a passenger you pay the driver in advance or upon departure. The amount you pay will be agreed between you and the driver, but is usually based on mileage. Please note that terms and conditions are agreed solely between the driver and the passenger, so you use carpooling servives at your own risk. The networks assume no liability.

Car sharing

Car sharing is a smart way to get around and a great addition to bus, railway, bicycle, and cars. You join a car-sharing company or club and apply for membership. You can choose the vehicle according to your own requirements, e.g. for a few hours in the city, a trip over the weekend or a long journey. Rental rates include a monthly rate or a charge for single trips based on the duration and mileage of your journey.Members of the University staff receive lower rates with Cambio CarSharing Oldenburg.