Extracurricular Bachelor


History can be studied as Double-Subject-Bachelor either as first or second subject (each 60 KP*) or as a minor subject (30 KP*) combined with a major subject (90 KP*).
You may study history with the aim to become a professional teacher or as part of an academic programme for a non-teaching career.
In case you intend to become a teacher in Germany, there are regulations to be considered for possible subject combinations for the different school types.
*credit points

History focuses on political-social reality in past and present with people, structures, processes and events in politics and society, economy and culture. It thematises these dimensions in its context and in view of its course of time.
Moreover, studying history at the University of Oldenburg qualifies students for the didactical dimensions of their subject that is for the analysis of evolution and changes of historical consciousness and the transfer of history in schools and extracurricular domains.
Profiling in history didactics for scholastic and extracurricular careers has a long and successful tradition in Oldenburg. Here, research is conducted in all parts of historical subjects from ancient to contemporary history. Main focus is on comparative history of North West Europe from the medieval times to the present day and
history didactics. Moreover, the history of Middle East Europe is a structural feature of research and teaching in Oldenburg.