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Peer-Reviewed Monographs

"Lucius Cornelius Sulla in der antiken Erinnerung. Jener Mörder, der sich Felix nannte." Walter de Gruyter, Millennium-Studies 60, Berlin, Boston, München 2016


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International Conference Volume

Alexander Thein/Alexandra Eckert (eds), "Sulla Felix. Politics, Public Image, and Reception", The Classical Press of Wales (in preparation) 

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

Good Fortune and the Public Good: Disputing Sulla's claim to be Felix,
in: Catherine Steel/Henriette van der Blom/Christa Gray (eds.), Institutions and Ideology in Republican Rome: Speech, Audience and Decision, Cambridge University Press, 267-282  (forthcoming) 

Roman Orators between Greece and Rome: The Case of Cato the Elder, L. Crassus and M. Antonius, in: Christa Gray, Andrea Balbo, Richard Marshall, Catherine Steel (eds.), Reading Republican Oratory. Reconstructions, Contexts, Reception, Oxford University Press, 23-36 (forthcoming 2017)

Sulla dictator rei publicae constituendae and Roman cultural memory, in: Martin Dinter, Charles Guerin and Marcos Martinho (eds), in: Cultural Memory in the Roman Republic (under review by CUP) 


Coping with Crisis: Sulla's Civil War and Roman Cultural Identity, in: Inger Kuin, Jacqueline Klooster (eds.), After the Crisis, forthcoming Bloomsbury Academic


Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers

together with the dermatologist Prof. Friedrich A. Bahmer:
Phthiriasis - die geheimnisvolle Läusekrankheit der Antike: Fakt oder Fiktion? In: Der Hautarzt 66/2 (2015), 143-148 (published online: 26 September 2014)


Book Chapters

Remembering Cultural Trauma - Sulla's Proscriptions, Roman Responses and Christian Perspectives,
in: Eve-Marie Becker, Jan Dochhorn, Else K. Holt (eds.), 
Trauma and Traumatization in Individual and Collective Dimensions. Insights from Biblical Studies and Beyond (SANT Vol. 2), Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Göttingen 2014, 262-274

Entwicklungslinien der Gender-Forschung in den deutschsprachigen Altertumswissenschaften, in: Alina Bothe, Dominik Schuh (eds.),
Geschlecht in der Geschichte. Integriert oder separiert? Gender als historische Forschungskategorie, transcript Verlag Bielefeld 2014, 237-257

'There is nobody who does not hate Sulla'. Emotion, Persuasion and Cultural Trauma,
in: Ed Sanders, Matthew Johncock (eds.),
Emotion and Persuasion in Classical Antiquity,
Franz-Steiner Verlag, Stuttgart 2016, 133-145

Death by Lice. Ancient Riddles and modern confusion, in: Robert Arnott, Rupert Breitweiser (eds), Disease and the ancient World, Oxbow Books, Oxford (forthcoming) 

Book Reviews and Conference Reports

Chaniotis, Angelos (ed.): Unveiling Emotions. Sources and Methods for the Study of Emotions in the Greek World. Stuttgart 2012, H-Soz-u-Kult 09.12.2013.

Golden, Gregory, Crisis Management during the Roman Republic. The Role of Political Institutions in emergencies. Cambridge 2013, H-Soz-u-Kult 14.07.2014

conference report: An Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Citizenship. Villa Vigoni, 11.-14. Oktober 2013, H-Soz-u-Kult 22.02.2014

together with Dr Alexander Thein
conference report: Sulla Felix. Politics, Public Image, and Reception. Panel Celtic Classics June 23-25 2016, University College DublinH-Soz-u-Kult 31.10.2016;

together with Dr Alexander Thein
Conference Report: Sulla Felix. Politics, Public Image, and Reception. Celtic Classics June 2016, in: Bollettino di Studi Latini XLVI, fascicolo II 2016, 813-4. 

Review of Josine Blok, Citizenship in Classical Athens, in: Historische Zeitschrift 2018