Academic Staff and Contact Persons

On this page you will find an overview of academic staff and administration personel working full and part-time at the Institute of History. The recent contact information are each ready to click on. On the right there is a quick  orientation for finding the right contact person for your matters.

Status Groups


Research Associates

Honorary Professors

Adjunct Professors and Private Lecturers

Contract Teachers (2014/15)


  • Barth, Hans-Martin, Dr., Privatdozent, Hochschuldozent (i. R.) (Comparative European Social History of 19-20th Century) ­
  • Eckhardt, Albrecht, Hon.-Prof. Dr. (i. R.) (Medieval and Modern History, Auxiliary Historical Sciences and esp. Regional History)
  • Fansa, Mamoun, Hon.-Prof. Dr. (i.R.) (Archeology)
  • Günther-Arndt, Hilke, apl. Prof. Dr. (i. R.) (History Didactics)
  • Kneißl, Peter, Prof. Dr. (i. R.) (History of Antiquity)
  • Mütter, Bernd, Prof. Dr. (i. R.) (History Didactics)
  • Saul, Klaus, Prof. Dr. (em.) (Social History Focus Modern History)
  • Schlumbohm, Jürgen, apl. Prof. Dr. (i. R.) (Early Modern History)
  • Schmidt, Heinrich, Prof. Dr. (em.) (Social History of the Middle Ages)


Alphabetical Overview


Course Guidance Service


BAFöG-National Student Grant

Early Study - Secondary School Pupils at the University



  • the head of the respective department at the Institute of History
  • Doctorate Committee of Faculty IV - School of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Other matters

For other matters of the Institute of History:

  • please address the respective teacher for module relevant concerns or with specific issues about periods etc.
  • or matters not yet listed here please address the Institute Director currently:  Prof. Dr. Rudolf Holbach