Innovation Management and Sustainability


Prof. Dr. Klaus Fichter is primarily responsible for the Eco-Entrepreneurship specialization course and the extra-occupational master’s programme in Innovation Management which is carried out at the Centre for Lifelong Learning (C3L).

Prof. Fichter and his team provide several modules for the master’s degree programme in Business and Law (WiRe), Sustainability Economics and Management (SEM) and Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship[extra-occupational programme]. The programme is adressing questions as follows:

  • How can organizational change processes and innovation intentions successfully be implemented?
  • How do you form an innovationally friendly environment?
  • How do you handle the consequences of innovations as well as the social responsibility?
  • How do you establish powerful innovation cooperations?

For more information and a schedule of lectures, please see below and/or check STUD.IP for current information.

Courses For Master Students  in Summer Semester 2018

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Courses for extra-occupational degree programme, Master in Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, Summer Semester 2018