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Intercultural Meet-Up

When the Service Centre moved to a new building, the Intercultural Meet-Up (Interkultureller Treff) was set up as a meeting place for international and German students. There have been numerous regular events held there since the 2015 summer semester.

In addition to the regular events, there are craft workshops, lectures on current topics, the DAAD award ceremony or information events. 

Games night

Games, both from the existing collection and those brought along by participants, are tried out on regular games nights.

International Dinner

The International Dinner offers the opportunity to contribute a favourite dish or a speciality from one's own country to a buffet.

Country night

The »Country Night« (Länderabend) allows you to introduce music, food, dancing, stories and other information from your own country and helps to bring people from all over the world closer together.


Karaoke evenings where songs are sung (more or less) well together.

Booking options

The Intercultural Meet-Up can be booked for events with an international element. Please send booking enquiries to the email address ikt(at)uni-oldenburg.de.

The International Student Office is always open to suggestions for jointly organised events. If you want to present your country or you have other ideas for events, feel free to contact us.

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23. October 2017   20:00 - 23:30  International Games Night
Open to everybody who likes to play games (e.g. Wizard, Siedler, Bang, Werwolf, Activity,...
25. October 2017   16:00 - 18:00
Location: Building A12, room 0-002
How to find internships and jobs in Great Britain, the USA and Canada (presentation language is German)
This speech deals with all questions about applications in Great Britain, the USA and Canada....
01. November 2017   13:00 - 15:00 
Location: Intercultural Meet-Up (Building A12)
International Coffee Hour
While being served coffee or tea, you have the chance to get to know other students, to share...

Room booking

For room bookings please use this email address:


Please, hand in this form sheet directly with your booking:


Boris Pohl
International Orientation Week, events, Intercultural Meet-Up

Room: A12 2-212
Phone: + 49 (0)441 798 2156