Hydrogeology and Landscape Hydrology

Water budget and cause of eutrophication of a formerly oligotrophic Geest lake

Project summary

The „Silbersee“ is a formerly eutrophic lake, where rare plants (Isoëtes lacustris, See-Brachsenkraut) can be found, which have been studied for some time by the working group Vegetationskunde & Naturschutz. The plants are threatened by proceeding eutrophication and have already vanished from many other lakes. The aim of the hydrological study is to identify the source of both the water itself and of nutrients brought into the lake. Surface water-groundwater interaction is studied with hydrodynamic, hydrochemical and isotopic methods. The ultimate aim of the project is to provide solutions for an improvement of the lake water quality.


AG Vegetationskunde und Naturschutz, IBU Uni Oldenburg; Gemeinde Schiffdorf


Hatem Elmarami: "Untersuchungen zur Eutrophierung ehemals oligotropher Geestseen in Niedersachsen und die Rolle der Wechselbeziehung zwischen Oberflächenwasser und Grundwasser"