Epidemiology and Biometry

Early detection and health care of prostate cancer patients – a transnational comparison of political impact assessment and empirical evaluation of the regional heterogeneity in medical care


The Division of Epidemiology and Biometry supports the University Hospital for Urology with the planning and evaluation of a clinical study and a project concerning the care and epidemiology of prostate cancer.The health services research project deals with different topics regarding prostate cancer such as a bi-national small-scale comparison between the Netherlands and Germany and early detection based on the PSA-test.

Country-specific recommendations on PSA-screening are likely to have an impact on different trends such as increasing prostate cancer incidence. This may also be the case for Germany and the Netherlands. In addition, within-country variability of PSA-testing exists, which is rather driven by individual practice patterns of general practicioners than by national guidelines.

This work is conceived as a multi-stage pre-study for an international project and can be divided in three parts: i) assessment of political impact on regional prostate cancer distribution in Lower Saxony and the province of Groningen; ii) pilot survey to evaluate the health care situation of prostate cancer patients; iii) analysis of regional health care network for prostate cancer patients.


Principal Investigator:

Alexander Winter (Senior Physician und Deputy Head and Coordinator Prostate Cancer Center)

Contact Persons:


Clinical Research Funding of the University of Oldenburg

Current Status:

The project started in September 2015.


  • University Hospital for Urology