Living and Working at the
Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

Students as well as employees of the university can profit from the following services.

University Library

The two locations of the University Library offer a broad range of academic information and services. The Central Library ("Zentralbibliothek") at the Haarentor Campus contains resources for the humanities, social sciences, economics as well as computer science. Media collections, the test library as well as the university archive are also located here.

Current books and journals for the natural sciences as well as mathematics and medicine can be found at the local branch in Wechloy.

You can use and check out all materials free of charge. Furthermore, the libraries offer space for individual or group work, copy machines, scanners, internet access and an up-to-date collection of international newspapers. Free Wi-Fi is available anywhere within the libararies as well as at other places of the university.

University Language Center

The University Language Centre ("Sprachenzentrum") offers courses in sixteen different foreign languages as well as in German. Registration  for the current courses is normally available at the end of each semester. A placement test at the beginning of the new semester is necessary for attending any advanced level courses.

Career Development

PhD students can attend the CareerDay of the Career Service. Future leaders can network and inform themselves about companies at this university fair for jobs and internships.

Current job openings at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg can be found here. Further job portals for PhD candidates are:

The Career Service offers an overview of job porals and search engines here.

Internet and IT Services

IT services at Oldenburg University ensure an optimally running computer and information infrastructure including the internet and the campus management system.

In order to access many of the electronic services, university members have a user account and a personal user identity (loginID). The e-mail address is based on the pattern firstname.lastname[at] Via you may log in to your e-mail account from anywhere and at any time.

The IT service desk is the first place to go if you have any problems using the university's IT facilities.

In the campus management system Stud.IP (Studienbegleitender Internetsupport von Präsenzlehre, course-related internetsupport for classroom teaching) you may log in via with you user account.

Professional and Organizational Development (PEOE)

All courses of the Professional and Organizational Development ("Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung", PEOE) at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg are open to academic staff. Registration is through the PEOE.IP-portal.

University Sports

The university offers its students and employees a University Sports ("Hochschulsport") program. Registration usually starts 14 days prior to the beginning of a course.

The sports facilities can be used by all students and employees. Various courses in many different sports are offered. There are also a swimming pool with sauna, a modern fitness and health center, a gym, and courts for beach volleyball and tennis.

Dining Halls & Cafeterias

The Studentenwerk Oldenburg operates dining halls (Mensen), cafes and cafeterias on campuses in Oldenburg, Emden, Elsfleth, and Wilhelmshaven. Members of the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg may enjoy extensive and affordable menus including warm meals, a selection of salads, sandwiches/filled rolls (Brötchen), and vegetarian dishes. The daily main meals, salads and sandwiches are freshly prepared every day, with many ingredients and products sourced from small local businesses and from organic farming.

The dining hall on Haarentor Campus and the dining hall on Wechloy Campus offer a wide range of various daily menus and side dishes which can be selected individually to one's taste. At the dining hall on Haarentor campus there is also a pizza-station and a culinarium, a frontcooking area with great daily and reasonably priced menu specials including steak, casserols, and fish dishes. For pasta lovers there is a pasta counter with several pasta dishes at each dining hall. Vegetarian and vegan dishes (meaning free from animal derived ingredients) are also offered as an alternative to the daily menus.

The cafeterias are also known as "Cafete" among students and staff as they are popular gathering places. In the Cafeten on Haarentor Campus and Wechloy Campus there are coffee, tea, and snacks for breakfast already available in the morning as the cafeterias open early. There are three CaféBars on Haarentor campus, one on the first floor of the Library where the newspaper stands are located (Zeitungsebene), one in A1, and one at the Student Service Centre (SSC). Though their name includes the word "bar" it actually means "coffee lounge" as there are no alcoholic beverages available, but only coffee specialties and other drinks, cakes and snacks.

The Eis+Café on Haarentor Campus is located between dining hall and Library and offers ice cream, hot and cold beverages, cakes, and pies made in the university's in-house confectionary.

Religious Communities at the University

The University of Oldenburg hosts both a Lutheran and a Catholic community. Further information can be found on their respective websites: