Student Support - Core Semester

Timeline / Details

The staff of University of Oldenburg tries to escort EUREC-Students right from their initial inquiry about and application to the EUREC - Master program, throughout their actual MSc-study program until their job-search after graduation and even far beyond. Fact is that over 90% of the EUREC-alumni (even those, who graduated almost 10 years ago) stay in contact to the staff of University of Oldenburg and are active members of the existing widespread RE alumni network.

1st inquiries

Before actually applying to EUREC-Master directly, many students ask for further information about

  • Entrance qualifications, chances of being accepted, etc.
  • general items, like scholarships, other funding possibilities, student-jobs, German language classes, tuition fees, etc.
  • the concrete content of the EUREC-Master program - Oldenburg core
  • the specializations offered and most frequently
  • future career perspectives available.

The staff of university of Oldenburg tries to answer the incoming inquiries on individual basis, which usually helps a future student to judge whether an application to the EUREC-master is the logical next step to take for his/her career or better not.


Although the actual application in done online via EUREC-office in Brussels, the staff of University of Oldenburg is accompanying some applicants during the process by accepting late reference letters, late English language competency tests or other documents / statements, which are sent directly.

Preparation for living in Oldenburg / Germany

After acceptance of the candidates through EUREC-Agency and payment of the 1st instalment fee, University of Oldenburg sends out detailed information packages to all future students containing:

  • valuable contact-addresses  at University of Oldenburg (Coordinator of the EUREC-program, International Students Office – ISO, German Language Centre, Housing Dept., etc.)
  • useful web-links specially for international students about living in Oldenburg / Germany
  • visa- & insurance requirements
  • housing / accommodations in Oldenburg
  • living & study expenses
  • preparatory German language classes available
  • others

Assistance is provided on individual basis; experience shows that every future student faces different problems or has different questions before coming to Germany. At least all new students need an entry-visa for Germany and we try to fix an accommodation for everybody before arrival in Oldenburg. To comply all students needs University of Oldenburg established a tutor-program, where senior students are allocated to incoming students (ideally from the same country or region).

Preparation for Master Study programme in Oldenburg

Besides the general information package future student additionally receive guidelines to prepare for the academic content of the program. These guidelines provide incoming students with the EUREC Course prerequisites, mainly concerning mathematics and natural sciences, but language and scientific working as such.Additionally incoming students may ask for an individual academic advice concerning content of the EUREC Master program, the specialization chosen and if it fits to the personal background and envisaged professional career after the program.

Students Support during studies

New international MSc-students at University of Oldenburg experience comprehensive tutorial and academic supervision. During the Introductory Programme for International Students (first 2-3 weeks of EUREC Master programme) incoming students will be introduced to

  • living in Germany (housing, insurance, bank, biking, travelling, waste separation, culture, language, etc.)
  • the town of Oldenburg (foreigners office, city hall, banks, insurances, cultural sites, etc.)
  • the University of Oldenburg (incl. all faculties, libraries, refectories, sports & computer facilities, ISO, Erasmus, German language Centre, etc.)
  • the EUREC Master program itself  (timetable, overall schedule,  labs,  etc.)

The staff of University of Oldenburg together with personal tutors will help incoming students to settle smoothly by managing daily (housing, shopping, etc.) & bureaucratic (bank account, insurance, enrolment into university, etc.) affairs.

Besides these general support activities, scientific tutors are assigned to assist students during intensive lab-work and special lectures.
Throughout the core-semester University of Oldenburg offers an individual Career Coaching, which usually helps students to

  • position themselves during their MSc-studies
  • find appropriate internship / thesis project

During the final project semester University of Oldenburg provides academic supervision of the Master thesis projects.

After graduation / Alumni Network

The individual Career Coaching will often be resumed even after graduation by guiding graduates while looking for professional employment. Thereby many graduates also take advantage of the existing PPRE (Postgraduate Programs Renewable Energy) - Alumni Network, which was initiated at University of Oldenburg over 27 years ago and nowadays counts over 600 active members in more than 85 different countries worldwide. The Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy at University of Oldenburg has many international co-operations and even more appropriate contacts in the field, from which its alumni may benefit even years/decades after graduation.