European Master in Renewable Energy

The European Master in Renewable Energy is directed towards engineers and research oriented bachelor graduates that want to specialise in one of the renewable energy technologies, such as Wind Energy,  Photovoltaics, Ocean Energy, Solar Thermal or Grid Integration. The course has been set up to deliver a master programme that deals with basic research in renewable energy enabling young graduates to continue with either a research or a industry oriented career. The programme and its cooperating partners offer master thesis' in both fields.

The European Master in Renewable Energy is coordinated by EUREC, the leading association representing research centres and university departments active in the area of renewable energy, located in Brussels, Belgium. EUREC represents a research and development network of 43 research institutions all over Europe.

Partnering Universities

The programme is run by a network of 9 European universities and research centres in 7 countries leading in renewable energy R&D. Those universities offer either the basic educational 1st semester (core university) or the specialisation in the second semester (specialisation provider).

Structure of the EUREC Master programme

Students follow this 15 (16) months programme by chosing their study locations including the Master thesis in at least two European countries. Study periods are divided into a "core" part providing understanding of the whole range of RE technologies, followed by a "specialisation" at another university where the student goes into depth in the technology of her/his choice. The remaining 6 months are spent on the premises of a company or research centre where the student carries out her/his personal practical or research project (Master Thesis).

For detailed information on the Master programme run by the University of Oldenburg as a core provider and hosted by the Master course Postgraduate Programme Renewable Energy (PPRE) please read through the sub-links of this homepage.

Course of Studies at the University of Oldenburg

Every core university offers its own syllabus regarding lectures and modules, nevertheless EUREC ensures that at the end of the core semester all EUREC students have the same understanding and knowledge on renewable energy technologies enabeling them to follow any of the offered specialisations. Please click here to see the Harmonised Learning Outcomes.

The Syllabus for the core semester for the intake 2015/16 can be seen from the graphics below. For the syllabus of each specialisation provider please refer to the Teaching sections in the description of the specialisation providers.

Timetable for the course of studies

Students starting the EUREC Master programme at the University of Oldenburg follow the timetable below:

University of OldenburgSpecialisation ProviderMaster
Master Thesis Defense
October -

February -

June - NovemberMid of

Specialisation Provider

All specialisation semesters are taught in English language

Prerequisites for studying the programme

Interested applicants for studying the core semester at the Institute of Physics at the School of Mathematics and Science at the University of Oldenburg are requested to have knowledge and understanding according to the list of prerequisites.