Student Mentoring Programme

The Department of English and American Studies offers a student mentoring programme in order to do justice to the growing demands for individual supervision and mentoring during the course of studies. Considering the requirements of the Bologna Process and the ensuing stratification of degree programmes in particular, students have need of advice that provides for a quick and effective initiation into academic processes as well as for the most favourable and advantageous organisation of individual study paths.

It is our aim to provide optimal support for our students, to help them find the best study options concerning their personal and professional advancement and to create a wholesome study atmosphere that takes account of the diversity of individual interests, backgrounds, and expectations.

The main advantages of our student mentoring programme lie in the provision of a personal point of contact right at the beginning of studies. In this way, every student is allocated a member of staff as a personal mentor who can help him/her find their way around university and who can pass them on to a specialist contact person, in case of more specific problems.