Useful English Reference Works

Monolingual Online Dictionaries

Macmillan English Dictionary. A very good free option for advanced learners, with featured words and clickable pronunciation guides. You can set the default option for British or American English here.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online. With useful corpus examples for each word.

The Cambridge Dictionary website links to a number of useful dictionaries and reference guides. You can also set English-German and German-English options.

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. You can toggle between English and American English on the main search bar.

Collins English Dictionary. A good all-rounder. There is also a thesaurus function and an English-German option. And a Scrabble list! Definitions with up-to-date real world examples from sources such as the New York Times.

Merriam-Webster. The standard American English work. It also has a thesaurus function.

Oxford English Dictionary. Known as "the definitive record of the English language". It contains etymology and history as well as definitions. The university has a subscription which you can access while logged into the campus network.

Urban Dictionary. A crowd-sourced reference for slang, colloquial expressions and very modern English.

Other Useful Resources

Academic Phrasebank. This database, created by John Morley at the University of Manchester, has an extensive collection of useful phrases for academic speaking and writing. There is also a version that can be purchased and downloaded for off-line use.

English Grammar Today is another option on the extensive Cambridge Dictionary website. It functions via a search box as well as an A-Z browsing function - useful if you don't know the exact term for what you want! British English only.

Oxford Dictionaries also has a Grammar Guide.