Degree Programmes

The Department of English and American Studies has coordinated its programmes of study according to the requirements of the Bologna Process which strives to introduce standardised European degrees in higher education in order to provide for greater transparency, flexibility and mobility in the academic environment.

The triadic study path resulting from these requirements includes the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts

            B.A. Anglistik

  • Master of Arts

            M.A. 'English Studies'

            M.A. 'Sprachdynamik'

  • Master of Education

           M.Ed. Gymnasium

           M.Ed. Haupt-/Realschule

           M.Ed. Grundschule

           M.Ed. Wirtschaftspädagogik

           M.Ed. Sonderpädagogik

  • Doctor of Philosophy

Each of these degrees is both a valid academic qualification in its own right that enables you to take up a number of professions and future careers and a step in a three-stage course of study that can be studied consecutively.

Both Bachelor and Master programmes are made up of specific modules, which can each consist of up to four courses: Basic Modules (BM) and Advanced Modules (AM) in the B.A. programme; Master Modules (MM) in the M.A. programmes. In order to complete a module, you have to pass all the courses it comprises. Upon completion of a module, you will be awarded a specific number of credits (KP). After having collected the number of credits required for the respective programmes of study, students will graduate with the academic degrees Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Master of Arts (M.A.), or Master of Education (M.Ed.).