Student Guide

Our department's student guide provides helpful information covering specific degree programmes and classes, and offers advice for academic writing and research. You also have access to useful downloads such as forms, handouts, and style sheets. If you are interested in spending time in an English-speaking country, you should have a look at the relevant part of this guide as well. If you require personal advice or have any questions not covered here, you are very welcome to contact our student advisors or take part in our student mentoring programme.  



In order to make sure that you get all the important information about your studies in time, the Department of English and American Studies highly recommends that you: 

  • register for the Listserver-Anglistik.
  • check your e-mail account regularly or set up automatic forwarding to your private e-mail account.
  • check the announcements regarding your lectures and seminars in Stud.IP regularly.