• M. Sc. Christoph Kathmann

    Ph.D. student


    Condensed Matter Theory Group
    Institut für Physik
    Carl von Ossietzky Universität
    D-26111 Oldenburg

    room  W2 2-270
    phone  +49 441 798 3994
    fax        +49 441 798 3080
    email christoph.kathmann(at)uol.de


  • Heat transfer along a chain of nanoparticles,
    DGP Spring meeting 2018,
    March 2018, Berlin, Germany

Master Thesis

  • Strahlungswärmetransport in Ketten aus Nano-Teilchen
    (Oldenburg, Januar 2018, supervisors: PD Dr. S.-A. Biehs and Prof. Dr. M. Holthaus)

Bachelor Thesis

  • Fluktuationstheorem für Spin-Systeme
    (Oldenburg, September 2015, supervisors: Prof. Dr. A. Engel and Dr. D. Nickelsen)