Recommended Study Plan


The colors have the following meaning:

 Basic Modul (BM) In these Basic modules you acquire basic knowledge in the main areas of Computing Science. They are obligatory.
 Advanced Module (AM) The advaced modules also teach important basic knowledge of Computings Sceince, but also im math. Some of them require knowledge from the basic modules.
 Accentuation (AS)

Accentuation modules are elective modules and allow an individual specialization in CS or an specialization in one of the suggested specializations.



Professionalization modules are intended to communicate competencies and skills which are relevant in professional contexts. So, on the one hand you have to visit obligatory two practical modules (Software Project, Practical Technical Informatics) and highly recommended Courses which are tuned to CS needs(PB215, PB 216, PB 85, PB 86). On the other hand, you may choose freely from a large catalogue of interdiscinary modules as well as (on application) Modules from other study programmes.