Application to the Bachelor study programme "Computing Science" (single subject)

An application is possible until October, 15th. Be aware that some preparatory courses will take place before this deadline.

With a late application you risk to miss the opportunity to visit these voluntary courses.


Computing Science (Bachelor's Programme)

You want to apply for a Bachelor's Programme in Computing Science.

Most important points

  • The study course is admission free.
  • Application for beginning students is not possible in summer semester.

Academic counselling for Computing Science (Bachelor's programme)

Dr. Ute Vogel

Aktuell: Bis zum 2.4.2018 vertritt mich V. Spreckels als Fachstudienberater für die Studiengänge des Departments für Informatik. Please contact V. Spreckels ( for questions concerning the study programs of the Department of Computing Science..
Phone: +49-441 798-2752
Office: A05 2-228
Consultation: Ich bis zum 02.04.2018 nicht erreichbar. I'm out of office until April, 2nd.
Non-term consultation: Wie in der Vorlesungszeit